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This is the dilemma that faces any owner of equipment involving Heat Exchangers of any type. Failure of any of this equipment can cause distress and the possibility of expensive downtime following the failure. The problem comes and w take it for granted that all will be resolved quickly.
As we know heat exchangers come in many sizes and types. From Cooling coils, frost coils, LPHW HPHW and steam. Then there is the Refrigeration of Evaporator & Condenser coils. Other systems include Run a round & Heat recovery.
Many different configurations with many different uses, these can be that some parts of the system only get used in the Winter then others in the summer. Failure to these systems is not found till too late a time in the day.
The faults that occur need to be addressed along with the resultant cause. This needs to be sorted in the first instance. It may be that it is fair wear & tear, however in some cases damage is caused by the system it’s self. These are the issues that need to be corrected first.
In some cases the problem can be solved by a simple on-site repair, then there are the more comprehensive repairs involving re-coring of sleeving of damaged tubes in a coil. Then the final stages may be replacement either as a complete unit if access permits or to be installed as a kit form.
This can be carried out by our On-site teams for our sister company R & B Site Services. On or Off site we can cater for the needs of repair or replacement. All repairs & refurbishments are fully tested to the current PED standards Test & conformity certificates can be supplied on request for either the client or contractor. These are in house certificates, however should they be required Lloyds certification can be arranged to suit the requirements.
Finally assessment & investigation of the requirements to the clients satisfaction is our aims and goals.